1. Hunter Matzke

    Are the iPads going to be available for second year post secondary students?

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Hunter,

      During the first year of implementation–beginning Fall 2013–tablet devices (iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7”) will be provided to approximately 50 percent of the student population. Students that are due for a rotation of technology will receive a tablet device in addition to a new laptop computer. Also, if a student is not due for a rotation of technology during the first year, but he is taking a class that has a requirement for tablet technology, a tablet device will be provided. By Fall 2014,  all WSU students will have the opportunity to have a tablet device. If you have more questions, visit or contact Dean Feller, Director of User Services, 507.457.2387,

      Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day!

  2. Nicole Frantz

    Will we get to pick what color iPad we want? Black or white?

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Nicole,

      As part of our efforts to keep costs down, all our iPad Minis feature the Black and Silver color scheme. For more info, visit or contact Dean Feller, Director of User Services, 507.457.2387,

      Thanks for the question!

  3. Tony

    Since I got my Macbook pro last year, can I not get an Ipad until the following year when I exchange?

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Tony,

      That is correct. Students that just received a refresh of technology (a new laptop) in the summer of 2012 will be eligible to receive an iPad and a laptop next summer (2014).

  4. adam bahr

    I plan on graduating in the fall of 2014 will i receive a tablet in addition to my laptop after graduation? or should i pick up a minor to graduate in the spring to receive one?

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Adam,

      iPads will be included in the purchase option for graduates beginning spring 2015.

  5. Janine Huynh

    I’m an upcoming freshman at Winona and I received my ipad last thursday, and I think I got a defected one because the screen suddenly turned really dark, making things non-visible. I adjusted the brightness settings, turned auto-brightness on and off, rebooted by pressing home and sleep button, everything, and it’s still dark, and I didn’t damage it at all (only had it for 5 hours before it turned dark). What should I do?

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Janine,

      Please call the Technical Support Center at 507-457-5240 so that we can make arrangements to get you a different iPad.

  6. Laurie

    I’m going to be a graduate student this Fall. Can we get iPads too, or is it just for undergrads?

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Laurie,

      Graduate students have the option of participating in the e-Warrior: Digital Life and Learning (DLL) program if they pay the same fee that applies to this program for undergraduate students. Graduate students that participate in this program will receive an iPad when they receive a new laptop. Any graduate student that is new to the DLL program this year will receive an iPad Mini in addition to a laptop.

      For more info, visit or contact Dean Feller, Director of User Services, 507.457.2387,

  7. Jordyn

    I recieved my new laptop at the end of May, but did not recieve my tablet. I am graduating in the Spring of 2014. Is there a reason I didn’t recieve my tablet when getting my laptop?

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Jordyn,

      We did not receive the new iPad Minis until mid-June, so students that received a new laptop in May and the first part of June will be contacted when school starts in the fall to pick up an iPad Mini. Please watch your email for an announcement. Thanks for your question!

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  9. Rachel Troia

    I have heard many different responses regarding whether or not the tablet will be included in the buy back option. I will be graduating WSU May 2016 and was wondering if there is a definite answer if the tablet will be able to be bought at this time?

    Thank you.

    1. Andrea Mikkelsen

      Hi Rachel,

      We negotiate annually with our leasing partner, Aspen Capital, and do our best to negotiate based on what will provide the best value to our students. The current Senior Buyout Bundle includes a purchase price for both Laptop and Tablet based a tiered level of participation: 4 years of participation = buyout cost of $50; 3 years of participation = buyout cost of $150; 2 years of participation = buyout cost of $275; 1 year of participation = buyout cost of $400. This tiered pricing will be in effect for spring 2015 graduates and is subject to change through the annual negotiation process. Please refer to for updated information as your graduation date approaches. Thank you for your question!

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