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What To Look For With A Catering Cape Town Service

Choosing a catering company isn’t always easy and you need to make sure that you are going to be working with a caterer that is going to provide you with a good value and also do an amazing job on your catering.

Read on to learn some of the things you should look for in a good catering Cape Town service.

One of the first things you should look for is a caterer that responds to your needs. You want them to be responsive during your first meeting as this is an indicator of how your working relationship is going to go. If they return calls and emails quickly and listen to your ideas, you know that the caterer is actually interested in meeting your needs. You want to feel like the caterer is actually wanting to learn about you.

It is also very important that the caterer is able to handle the type of event you are putting on. The caterer needs to be able to handle the size of the event and even the type of food that you are going to be serving. They should also have experience working the type of event you are putting on. Most caterers have a speciality so you want to find out what that is.

The caterer should also be flexible when it comes to the menu. They should be somewhat flexible with their menu options and be able to adapt recipes and offer vegetarian and vegan options if needed. You want the caterer to be able to customize their menus for certain themes and other dietary needs as well. If the company doesn’t want to work with your needs, get a quote from someone else.

catering cape town

You probably want to taste the food before you spend thousands of dollars on the catering Cape Town service, so you should definitely ask for a tasting and if the catering company won’t provide it you should choose another company. You can also request wine pairings with the tastings to ensure that you get the right wine for the meal.

It helps if the catering company is familiar with the venue you are hosting the even at. This means they will know how to set things up efficiently and according the restrictions or rules that the venue has. You can potentially save a lot of hassle if the company has worked with the venue before.

Make sure that the service is very clear about what is included in the contract so you know exactly what you are getting. The contract is essential because it protects both parties and everyone knows what to expect. You should also have a cancellation plan as part of the contract. Make sure that you contact references before you work with any catering service. It is also important that the caterer has insurance in case there is an accident. You don’t want to be held liable for any medical payments if the caterer is not insured.