does hosting affect seo

How Does Hosting Affect SEO? Factors That Can Have A Negative Impact

The whole idea of searching engine optimization (SEO) is to have a quick and responsive website favored by search engines. There is more to it than just that; you also need to ensure that your site is always out there for all to see and this calls for hosting services. But how does hosting affect SEO?

The overall influential element that hosting has over SEO is the fact that the primary purpose is to ensure that your website remains visible and accessible on the internet. Below are the finer details about how hosting affects search engine optimization and what you should know when hiring a hosting company.

Hosting Server Location:
Part of your efforts to fully understand how does hosting affect SEO should see you learn about the significance of the location of the hosting server. It may not be a top concern, but it is a factor worth noting. Take the following example: you are in the US and targeting a UK market. Your website should be hosted by a company with servers that are based in the UK.

So, just make sure that the hosting service in the same location as your target marketing zone. If you are keen on the American market, then the server should be in the US. The closer you are the more likely your site to get a good ranking; similarly, the closer the target audience is to the server’s datacenter, the faster the response resulting in the right uptime and downtime.

does hosting affect seo

It refers to having a consistent availability of your website throughout,24/7. That means the service uptime should always be up there with a very short downtime or none at all so that search engine crawlers or spiders can visit the site as many times as they deem necessary and not find it inaccessible. Issues of a slow loading time or inaccessibility impact the search engine rankings negatively, meaning your SEO efforts are hampered even if they are spot-on.

It such issues are a constant thing, then your website is flagged by the search engines as unreliable resulting in a downgrading of its search ranking. As such, you should work with a hosting company that is keen on ensuring your websites is always accessible and responsive. Such a service provider is continually on the lookout for poorly constructed sites that may cause serves to go down, which is an expected thing for most of them. Nevertheless, the hosting provider should strive to offer a service that assures nothing short of a 99.9% uptime.

Security issues ranging from a flux of spam to hacking and data burglary can significantly damage the SEO inputs in any website, and this can lead to a downgrade in the search engine rankings. All in all, such security risk point toward the need for having secure hosting servers; therefore, the hosting company should have safe and reliable datacenters that reinforce site information for every client. Also, the hosting service provider should have a manual reboot protocol in case of any security breach.

It is apparent from the above factors on how does hosting affect SEO; you should approach a hosting provider you trust and has years of experience and an untrained reputation. Don’t let your search engine optimization efforts go down the drain because of the lax support of a hosting provider.